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6 Ways to Look Dapper in a White Shirt

Needhi Dhoker



6 Ways To Look Dapper In A White Shirt

They say there are no struggles involved when it comes to styling a basic white shirt, but tbh, they are a risk solvers. One fail and the whole look will instantly get tad bit boring. We scoured the internet for you and evaluated how men would love to wear their white shirts. The age and time of wearing this staple with black pants is in the past so now let’s try to wear this timeless option with other seasonal styles. It’s safe to say that the mentioned trends are highly effortless and easy to add a stylish touch.


1. Team your white shirt with suspenders and black pants

With suspenders- Outfit trends

Thanks to the versatility of a white shirt that wearing it with your suspenders has also proven to be an easy task. Keep things classy and simple by teaming your white shirt with black pants and suspenders along. It adds a formal yet casual vibe to your look. Very much on-trend and minimal to suit the weather needs, this attire will take your overall appearance to new heights. Make sure you add that final dapper finesse with your patent leather shoes and sunglasses.


2. Ripped jeans with a white shirt

Ripped jeans for men's

Are you ready to plunge into a new style that takes you from boardroom to bar? Yes, if the dress code is not much of an issue at your workplace then this outfit is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Not just that, this outfit is summer appropriate to wear at your next holiday destination. Keep the summery feel alive of this duad by pairing it right with your suede brown loafers and a brown duffle bag. Sum it up with black sunglasses.


3. Keep it casual

Keep it casual- Outfit trends

Currently, in men’s closet, those cropped pants are highly ruling. You might feel that it’s challenging to merge a white shirt with this power pair, but this will enable you to stay relaxed throughout the day without putting in a lot of efforts. Instead of wearing your usual flip flops or sneakers, opt for slip ons so the vibe of these cropped pants with your shirt is visible. Look exuberant with your aviators and a jacket to top off this attire.


4. Neutral look

Neutral look- men's style Australia

When you are not that of an extravagant person then an outfit that comes from the same colour family will be another way to go. Add a modern spin to your overall look by pairing a linen white shirt with beige chinos. For a smart summer appearance, make sure this looks minimal yet eye-arresting to you and all. Effortlessness is a benefit one can attain with a white shirt and to look more updated, complete this handsome look with suede loafers.


5. Tuck it in with your bright mustard chinos

Chinos- Men fashion

For a neater and edgy look, a paired up outfit with chinos can do a lot of talking. Basic yet contemporary with its approach, let your white shirt add those extra brownie points to your closet and style. Go for a crisp shirt and add a nice balance with brown brogues and a backpack along. Your weekend staple is now ready to let you steer clear of the normcore ways of dressing up. Thank us later!


6. Snazzy boots

white shirt with boots

Next, here’s a good news for you all!

For the weekend, when wearing those shorts are numbering to be zero for you, stick to this new approach we have found for you. A slim cut shirt paired with grey pants can prep your look. And finally, you can complete this sleek look with your beige suede boots. Tailored, smart and just right on-point, remember to turn up all these quotients on as you introduce those wayfarers to your overall look.

Now, since we are done with our perfectly altered guide of wearing white shirts, which style are you about to introduce? We say you ditch the usual and say yes to the new right away!

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5 Ways to Style Your Polo Neck T-shirt

Needhi Dhoker



Top 5 Ways To Style Your Polo Neck T-shirt

Originally from the tennis court, polo t-shirts are now a staple of the wardrobe. However, buying one and not knowing how to style them could be an issue that you might not like. There are sure sartorial conundrums, but summers are here and there’s no better time than now to wear your polos. Drop your everyday uniform and get ready to rock this trend now. Then be it your bombers or cropped pants, this tee style is the one to add for an ultimate dapper statement.


Here are a few tricks to nail the no-fuss casual trend.


First and foremost

  1. Keep the sleeves at the mid-bicep level and the hem of the tee shouldn’t fall below the fly of your trousers.
  2. Check the neck opening properly. The polo number shouldn’t make you look skinny. Aim for something classy in that case.


Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts

Image: Pinterest

Whether you are heading out with your buddies or just catching up with your schoolmates, keep it simple with denim shorts. Start with a classy polo tee and keep it minimal yet impactful by pairing this one with your denim shorts. The finishing touch for this combination? Turn up your handsome quotient by choosing your white sneakers. And remember a backpack and sunnies will be your other best bets to complete this effective wear.


Cropped Pants

cropped pants

Image: lookastic

Add that uber-cool vibe to your look by pairing a polo tee with your cropped pants. It’s an easy way to look sharp and smart keeping those shirts aside. Then be it your holiday or outing with your friends, all the focus will instantly come to your polo neck tee. When it comes to hues, I suggest darker colours. Take your look a notch above with colour block loafers to complete the look. Minimal yet eye-catching is what you should aim at.


Contrast Colours

contrast colours

Image: pinterest

Dressing up might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is yours, you will be at peace with this outfit idea Contrast colours for the season are a go to as they swear to add a modern spin to your attire. A navy blue polo neck tee teamed with mint coloured pants are a fool-proof way to look dapper. You can tuck your t-shirt in to create a highly eye-catching look. Finish with a pair suede loafers and honour the dress code.




Image: GQ

Feel free to play around with your look as only shirts and trousers can’t be mates with layers like blazers. Yes, even a pair of polo neck tee can be combined with blazers to add that high street fashion touch. Take inspiration and wear you black polo with a blazer and complete the attire with grey washed jeans. Black sneakers will ensure you stay comfortable yet stylish in this look.


Smart Casual Look


Image: pinterest

Change in colours of the blazer can also work for you. Be confident enough firstly that you will be able to complete this garb and transition right into the season. There are many ways to wear them, but a tailored look can help you ace it right. For a smart-casual appearance, wear a beige polo neck tee topped off with a blue blazer. Wear jeans to not look formal while patent leather shoes will integrate suave vibes to it.

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How To Pair And Wear Brogues With Different Outfits

Needhi Dhoker



How To Pair And Wear Brogues With Different Outfits

Dear men,

We know how much you love wearing those brogues, but sometimes when you don’t wear them right, your pals might be making fun of you. To not let such days bother you and for you to be the best fashion inspiration, here’s an idea. Let those brogues in your shoe-rack give you universally approved ideas as to how you can match them up with right outfits. Here’s an insider.

Firstly, what are these brogues?

The best formal shoes that you can club with your outfit and the ones that come with low-heel with perforations. The quality of this trend is unmatchable and they are majorly apt for your 9 to 5 hours.


Pair it with a formal suit

Pair Brogues with a formal suit

Wearing a formal suit can make a man look as if they are out on a battle to look sophisticated and highly on point. To not let those brogues be overlooked or appear dull or older, the best way to wear them is with light coloured suit. Give your spring twist now to your look with tweed grey blazer and achieve that British vibe stat. If you have opted for a black suit, steer clear of brown and choose black brogues itself for that extra oomph.


How about brogues and jeans together?

brogues and jeans

Don’t look at this line with those startled eyes because this is absolutely possible. A pair of brogues can grant you with plethora of options for many occasions. When jeans are here, it sure means we are talking of a casual attire here. Heighten your look now by pairing a basic white shirt with your jeans. Wear brogues to keep the outfit simple yet statement worthy.


Pair brogues with shorts

brogues with shorts

Are you in a vacay mood, but tired of wearing those sandals all the time? Welcome your wingman now. Keep your shirt hues lighter and opt for tan type brogues. This is sure to look summery right now. Look suave and charming by donning a linen shirt. Make sure your shorts are not slouchy or else the whole look will fail.


Chinos and brogues

Chinos and brogues

Coloured chinos are a true statement maker of a man’s wardrobe. What’s more to it is that there are many shoe types that match up with chinos as well. A colour combination that’s just ideal for your dates or movie night, we say you go for brown or tan brogues. For more dapper points, you can even roll up the chinos till the ankles.


Brogues and denim

Brogues and denim

The latest trend of denim on denim is also making noises for men as well. Yes, this trendsetter is not just apt with those white sneakers, but they can be a mate with your brogues as well. For an outfit that’s snazzy and uber cool, a denim on denim duad is the way to go. Take out those brown wingtip brogues to go with this outfit and notice other ask for your fashion advice henceforth.


Ethnic wear

Ethnic wear

Festive season is here and for all the right reasons, you shouldn’t ever get enough of brogues. Invest in them and check how they can transform your ethnic attire as well. Ready to make you regal, these brogues are the way to master a tailored attire. Opt for a kurta and pair it right with your white pants. Take the look a notch higher by opting for tan brogues. You can even try out print and pattern here. For an extra punch, team your velvet jacket to top off the whole outfit.


Printed shirts

Brogues and Printed shirts

Finally, someone said that printed shirts are the best pair makers with brogues as well. Stand out from the crowd instantly by pairing your printed shirt with your brogues. Since this outfit is a bit on the quirky side, why not let those grey brogues blend in right? Yes, opting for soothing hues can catch attention and showcase your swanky side as well. Don’t fret and get ready to take out your floral shirts now!

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