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7 Signs That She Is Highly Interested In You

Needhi Dhoker



7 Signs That She Is Highly Interested In You
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They say women are complicated to understand but tbh, we are just trying to analyse if our partner is perfect for us or not. You know we mentally make these tests and notice if you pass it or not. Keeping all things aside, if you are that guy who likes a girl, but is unsure if she likes you back or not, there are clear indications she might be giving. Yes, we do that as well. I know rejection sucks, but taking a chance doesn’t. If you are confused if a woman is attracted to you, here are some clear signs you need to know about.

Must-understand and clear signs that she is interested in you.

I don’t guarantee that you will end up together, but these signs from her are sure to give you an idea as to where this might be going.


Eyes eyes baby

When I say eyes, I don’t mean its given that yes, she is into you. What I am saying is women generally become very observant if they like a guy. She is eyeing right now as to what you are upto. In fact, she is staring at you while you are not looking. She is taking notes in her mind and is a bit obsessed as well with your moves. Don’t miss out on this indication and make the best use of this. Cheesy lines still work on us guys!


Her body language changes

We are very carefree in front of our friends, but when the guy we like enters, we tend to change ourselves a bit. This is one of the clearest sign guys. Does she sit next to you? Does she stare in between? She’s into you then. Some women might not be that obvious but look for signs like changed body language, poised nature, her constant hair flicking, leaning towards you etc.


Low key conversation

She likes to keep it minimal yet impactful. She’s really scared that you might reject her. If you like her then great, but if not the chances of her getting hurt are higher. Believe me, it takes time for us as well to get over a crush. Sometimes she will be a conversation starter as well. If she doesn’t, take the hint and talk to her.


Initiates the conversation

She loves talking to you and makes it a point that you are safe and sound today. You are on her mind and that’s why she messages you. Some of us might do it out of boredom, but you will know what’s the agenda. If she sounds all excited to talk to you, that means she likes you. Just think, she has tons of things on her plate, but she rather chose to talk to you.


Sometimes she is extra nice

Going off limits and surprising you at work even if you are not dating. Or bringing lunch for you, she is interested in you then. That ‘whatever’ nature in her resides somewhere else and she is just different with you. If there are things she does extra for you and not others, it only means she is throwing a sign that she likes you.


She makes it clear she is single

You ask her or you don’t, but she has always made it pretty much clear that she is single. Statements like “Nah! It’s been a while and I am waiting for the right one” are clear hints for you. When that one-word single hits many a times you need to know where this is heading.


She wants to know you better

Our questions only increase if we like someone because we wish to begin everything on a new slate. She won’t waste her or your time and she will always have questions for you if she is interested in you. She will want to know you more and she will ask you personal questions. If you like her too, it’s always better to answer with some flirty lines mixed in it. I am sure she will be flattered to a new level. Out of her day activities, she is investing time in you, SIGN.

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