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Weight Gain Techniques for Every Men

Needhi Dhoker



Weight Gain Techniques For Every Men

Gaining weight for men is a task, but when you are all set to take up the challenge and work hard towards it, you will be able to ace it. But what about your mates humiliating you all the time? Don’t they call you lanky all the time? I am sure you have faced this often. So get ready to break the myth and shut all their mouths. In the process of gaining weight, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind. Besides that, our list below will help you concentrate on your entire body and gain weight eventually. Check it out.

The symptoms for you not gaining it in the first place could be eating habits, selection of food items and long gaps between your meals. This could lead to anorexia as well. Indulging in unhealthy food also can prove to draw a deficiency in your body.


1. Consume calories that can burn your body

If you need to gain weight, have calorie-rich foods. This is one method that we ask all the ones trying to lose weight steer clear of but in your case, calories are a must. You should ideally aim to have around 1000 calories each day, to gain weight. Above your maintenance level, you can have around 500 calories. Keep a proper tab and check your weight after a few weeks. I am sure this will work!


2. Nutritional diet gain plan

Eat everything that comes on your way is a strategy you need to follow. Consuming items that are high on trans fat is not an idea, but you need to have a balanced and a nutrient-rich food. You must include nuts, peanut butter, veggies, low-fat diet items, eggs, beans etc. Having food items like cheesecake, fries, hot fudge etc. are not advised.


3. Exercise well

Workouts play the biggest part when you need to gain weight. Including muscle building techniques can help and it can also work so you consume more calories. Some exercises that you can definitely try out are twist curls, squats, deadlifts etc. Go for light weights first and then eventually increase your power to take more. Rest enough between each set you take up.


4. Don’t run

Running will only burn all the calories you have gained. The rigorous workout actually tends to control it. Avoid exercises that help you gain weight at a faster pace.


5. Drink enough water

Lack of water and having a feeling of dehydration most of the times will only prove to be a failure for you. Consuming loads and loads of water can help you gain weight. If you increase your weight in a healthy manner, your body will be able to retain the liquid quotient. Have at least half a gallon of water every day so you feel satiated all the time.


6. Increase the count of dairy products

Dairy products will be your best bet to increase your calorie count. Have a glass of full milk and if you don’t like to have it plain, then you can add chocolate flavor to it. It can add up your calorie count. You can also try out smoothies or milkshakes to gain weight at a speed of a jet.


7. Keep a record of food items that you eat

Keeping a record will only help you with your plan further. There will be products that might not suit you but this diary or plan will make you understand. Knowing your stats, if you have had enough carbs, calories etc is the must. So go ahead and maintain the journal!


8. Take rest

Plan your day well and sleep on time that’s one thing you must follow. Rest and sleep for straight 8 hours. Your body will feel rejuvenated the next day and your muscle build will be better too. Try it out!

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What Are Side Effects of Masturbating





What Are Side Effects of Masturbating

The art of self-pleasure, masturbation is not something we can’t talk about. It is a stigma in certain cultures, but it’s high time we are vocal about certain things. After all, our health is involved in this aspect as well. A few research studies have proven that there are consequences related to masturbating often. Let’s have a look at all of these below.

Firstly, these are the reasons why people masturbate

1. Immense pleasure
2. It is handy and you don’t have to wait for the other half.
3 It’s safe sex for some.
4. It helps adolescents to release their sexual energy with no stress involved.
5. The me time is a proud moment for most.

1. Energy Drain
This is not a severe problem, but we all know that masturbation means a lot of energy drainage. It uses it up totally and besides that, it increases weakness in men when it’s done excessively.

2. Addiction
Addiction can also result in biological changes in the body. Men who have fallen into the habit of giving themselves pleasure often is almost equal to drug addiction. Masturbation can have a negative impact on relationships as well and on work too. It can lower down your productivity.

3. Dysfunction
This might come as a surprise, but it can lead to erectile dysfunction. There are high chances of this happening. Men who indulge in it more than often will fall in the risk of this issue. Some research studies have shown this but it is not proven as yet.

4. Neurological
In older men, when masturbation is done several times, it can also lead to neurological problems.

5. Premature ejaculation
I am sure you wouldn’t like it if your girl gets disappointed with this factor. Cut down on your boner hour happiness as excessive masturbation can also damage your nerves. This can lead to premature ejaculation or nightfall as well.

6. Affects sex life
This is linked to premature ejaculation itself. Too much masturbation means a severe effect on your sex life. The pleasure sustainability factor goes down with this one.

7. Makes you feel drowsy
Masturbating means drowsiness and it also happens because of excessive dopamine that is released by the brain during ejaculation.

8. Hair loss
Everything should be done in limits because if it gets too much, it can lead to other issues. Masturbating can lead to hair loss in men. If you do it more than 7 times a week, you will notice your strands falling. This should be no surprise to you as you will already know the reason behind it.

9. Ageing
Men who masturbate often age faster as well. This was researched by a new study. This is linked to levels of testosterone in the body and there’s testicular pain as well.

10. Memory Loss
Since there’s release of excessive dopamine, it can lead to memory loss as well. So don’t it so often that you forget your surroundings!

But to make you feel a bit better, here are some good things associated with masturbation.

1. It can prevent prostate cancer.
2. It can also improve your sperm motility.
3. Your sleep pattern is improvised.
4. It can boost your mood.
5. Have cramps? Masturbate.
6. You will understand your needs and wants better.

Last words: Don’t do it excessively.

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Home Remedies To Treat Dehydration

Needhi Dhoker



Home Remedies To Treat Dehydration
Photo: driphydration

There might be times when you feel thirsty, but nothing quenches your thirst. This highly means that you are dehydrated. It is a common problem found in all the age groups and it’s quite normal. Be laid back as there are ways you can be at ease with simple home remedies that can cure your dehydration issue. Dehydration occurs when your body can’t retain fluids and there is no water content in the body. The symptoms of it are fever, vomiting, excess sweat etc. It also has side effects like frequent chills, bad breath, craving sweets all the time etc. It can turn serious as well so for it get treated naturally, try simple home remedies.


1. Bananas
Dehydration can also happen due to lack to potassium in the body. Since bananas have a high content of potassium in them, they can cure the dehydration problem. You must eat a banana before your heavy work out sessions so you can combat dehydration with it.


2. Buttermilk
Buttermilk is one probiotic that’s rich in minerals and potassium as well. When you sweat, you will feel dehydrated. Mix ginger in buttermilk and drink this refreshing drink. You must have buttermilk at least 3 times in one day to feel better.


3. Barley water
Barley water is another drink that’s healthy. Loaded with antioxidants, barley water can also restore the fluids in the body that are lost in the process of dehydration. You need add to barley to water and boil it. Do this for 40 minutes and once done, let it cool. Strain the water and add some lemon and honey to it for a better taste. Drink this mixture at regular intervals.


4. Soups
Soups are also a great source to infuse nutrients in the body and they can deal with all the symptoms of dehydration. The inclusion of high minerals like that of potassium, this soup restores the lost nutrients as well in the body. Consuming soups after workouts will help you stay hydrated. Try it out!


5. Green tea
Green tea is very rich in antioxidants that have minerals like potassium in it. This can help with dehydration. People think that the caffeine content in it can lead to dehydration, but in real green tea makes up for the lost fluids in the body. Take green tea leaves and boil them in water for some time and now consume this tea post straining. For a better flavour, add honey to it.


6. Coconut water
Coconut water is also high in sodium that can help steer clear of dehydration. This is the best option to treat dehydration especially in summers. You need to drink coconut water at least 5 times a day for best results.


7. Pickle juice
Your body can lose potassium due to which dehydration can happen. A study has shown that when men have pickle juice they have shown instant relief from muscle pain. Pickle juice contains potassium in that’s like the best remedy for dehydration. It can restore the electrolytes in the body.


8. Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice can also help retain water and is the best way to treat dehydration. It has sugars and salts that are very helpful. You need to drink at least two glasses of this juice to feel rejuvenated.


9. Orange juice
Oranges are very rich in vitamins and minerals as well. They help in potassium gain and they’ve all the potential to keep dehydration from the body away. It also knows how to maintain the electrolyte balance. Have unsweetened juice after your workout sesh. You must have this juice at least twice a day.


10. Yogurt
Yogurt is another source that’s rich in electrolytes that can fight dehydration in no time. You need to add a pinch of salt to this and stir well. Have this daily to enjoy its benefits.

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Simple Techniques to Take Care of Skin for Men

Needhi Dhoker



Photo: Pinterest

If you thought taking care of skin was meant only for women, you are highly mistaken. Proper skin care for men is what we don’t talk about, but we should because it’s important for men as well. There are ways to take care of skin that guys need to consider. You can do so by following the tips beneath.


1. Cleanse your face

Cleanse your face

Image: greatist

Women already know about the techniques to be used, but men tend to take any soap that comes in their hand and apply it. To be honest, this is a wrong technique and you need to use cleansers that don’t turn your skin dry. To look young, this step is very much important and you must follow it. You also need to stay away from hot water or else your skin will get highly affected.


2. Use a good quality razor

good quality razor

Image: toolsofmen

Men often have a habit to shave off their beard or trim their hair, but a bad quality razor can lead to bumps and burns. This will eventually turn into acne leaving behind scars that will make you look aged. So take precautions for the same and only opt for high-quality razors for the skin. You should shave only after the shower or while you are in the shower so your hair can get trimmed easily without any issue.


3. Opt for a right after shave

Opt for a right after shave

Image: luxuryshaves

Men sometimes skip this step totally, but in the long run, this will cause problem. Many after shave products happen to be about fragrance more than the reason why they were invented in the first place. A right aftershave should ideally soothe your skin after shaving. Instead of opting alcohol infused after shave, go for moisturisers or lotions that can make your skin feel better. They are the best ones for sensitive skin.


4. Moisturise your skin

Moisturise your skin

Image: indianexpress

Moisturising is another thing you need to take care about. Believe me guys, we are way too ahead of you with this part. Just like your body needs water, even your skin needs hydration technique and moisturising your skin is the best way to do so. Doing it every day is important for men as well as it will offer you younger looking skin. Besides that, if you have a girlfriend she is about to pull your cheeks all the time. Just buy a good quality one from the market and apply it.


5. You also need a sunscreen


Image: themanual

If you didn’t know I am going to tell you straight up that not applying sunscreen will change your skin tone and it’s texture as well. In this scorching heat, you definitely need a sunscreen that can take care of our skin when you head out. You think this is makeup, but it’s not. This is a skin that has no gender bias and is needed for all the skin types. Sunny days can lead to skin irritation and cause redness as well. Creams that have more than 30 SPF are advised. Mix it up with a moisturiser and apply it. For men, who are outside very often, this step is recommended.


6. Do not wash your face excessively

Do not wash your face excessively

Image: top10wise

Even washing your face often can lead to issues. It can strip the oils and also lead to skin irritation. Do it only twice a day. If you wish to do it, do it with just normal water and not your face wash. If you are looking for the best brand of moisturisers post washing your face then Neutrogena and Nivea are your best bets.


7. Wet your skin before you start shaving

Wet your skin before you start shaving

Image: menshealth

Always keep your hair wet as this will help to soothe your skin and keep the natural oils as well. Just splash water before your do so and then you can begin shaving rightly.


8. Eat plenty of vitamin A

Eat plenty of vitamin A

Image: hindustantimes

Vitamin A can keep your skin firm and also aid regeneration. You can achieve this vitamin A from low-fat dairy products and also veggies like carrot, grains, and eggs.


9. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Image: azumio

Water is really helpful to keep the skin and body hydrated. Besides that, it can keep the cell count sane as well. Having water also helps skin look younger so it is advised that you atleast have 8 glasses of water everyday or atleast try to.


I truly believe that just like us, even men don’t like to age. So take these steps into consideration before it’s too late! They will definitely work for you.

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